Rubbish Removal Lilyfield: Spring Clean Tips

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It’s that time again! Spring is arriving and in no time the weather will be balmy. It’s time to stop the winter hibernation, throw open your doors and windows, and give your space a good clean out.

Here are some basic tips to get you started…

  • Give everything a good clean – kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, living areas, laundry, patio, garden. Empty cupboards and throw out anything that’s broken, out of date, or no longer usable.
  • Clean your house from top to bottom – not the other way around.
  • Sanitise your sinks, bath, shower, and basin.
  • Clean your empty dishwasher by running a hot cycle with some baking soda. You can also add a quarter cup of bleach to your usual cycle when there are colds and flu happening in your home.
  • Clean your oven!
  • Disinfect waste disposal systems.
  • Go through your wardrobe. If it’s shabby, torn, or you no longer wear it, decide whether to keep, mend, donate or bin it. Pack away off-season clothing.
  • Keep your bedroom decluttered. It will feel better, air will circulate better, and you will sleep better.
  • Rotate, flip, and air your mattress.
  • Throw away (I.e. recycle) all old newspapers and magazines. Keep only essential paperwork, and keep it organised.
  • Clean your windows on a cloudy day. A hot sunny day will make them dry too fast and you’ll be left with streaks.
  • Check and replace batteries in smoke alarms. Never put old batteries in the bin – they need to be recycled (check with local council for instructions).
  • Clean and repair patio furniture. Replace cracked pots and replant if necessary.
  • Have your carpets professionally deep cleaned every twelve months or so. Trust me; the expense is worth the results.
  • Dust light fixtures! Even better, take them down and wash them carefully. Make sure they are completely dry before refitting them.

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