Rubbish Removal Mascot: Commercial Waste Removal

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Among the biggest contributors to waste in the Sydney Metropolitan Area is that of commercial waste, and rubbish removal in Mascot is significantly impacted by commercial waste. While it’s true that modern facilities do use more streamlined and efficient processes than we saw in the past, more needs to be done to best dispose of rubbish from commercial premises.

How can you as a commercial premises manager or employee help?

Separate waste by type

Separate waste from the outset. Different materials decompose in different ways, and not all should be disposed of together. At minimum, metals, plastics, paper waste, and organic waste should be separated for suitable disposal.

Toxic waste handling

Some commercial waste is toxic, to the environment and to humans as well. Professional rubbish removers need to be called in to handle toxic waste; not all rubbish removal services can handle this type of waste. It is required by law that toxic waste be handled properly, and this applies to many materials including asbestos, medical or biological waste, pesticides, weed killers, fuels, paints, solvents, oil, auto batteries, pool chemicals, medicines, and much more.


Sustainability requires recycling as much as possible, from household rubbish to commercial waste. Recycling allows valuable resources to be returned to the manufacturing process. Everything from metal waste to paper can be recycled; not only will your company be helping the environment, but by being known as a business that recycles, your brand awareness and your reputation amongst the community and your clients and customers will also benefit.

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