Rubbish Removal Petersham: Oil Disposal

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“Oil and water don’t mix”. We’ve all heard the saying, and it is true. Rubbish removal Petersham services comprise general waste collection, as well as green waste and recycling. But how should oil be disposed of?

Motor Oil

Lubricating oil is used in cars, trucks, boats, lawn mowers, and farm machinery, with half a billion litres being sold in Australia each year. Most of the used oil is not burnt away completely, and the result is called sump oil. This should never be thrown away.

Sump oil can be reclaimed and reused – and if disposed of improperly, it can pollute water, land, and infrastructure. Just one litre of oil can contaminate one million litres of water – harming the environment and animal, bird, and human life.

Recycled used or sump oil can be cleaned and used as industrial burner fuel or hydraulic oil, or refined into new lubricating oil. It can also be incorporated into new products.

If only small amounts of used motor oil require recycling, you can take it to a local used oil facility which will also accept oil filters, plastic oil containers, and even oily rags. Larger requirements can call on oil collection agencies.

Cooking Oil

Cooking oil is also damaging when disposed of in drains and down sinks. It not only damages the environment; it will ultimately damage your plumbing.

Dispose of small amounts of cooled cooking oil in garden compost.

You can store cooled household cooking oil in a sealable jar and place it in your general waste bin, yet a much better option is recycling. Recycled cooking oils can be filtered and repurposed into stockfeed, bio fuel, and cosmetics.

The Planet Ark website also has a list of collection agencies that will collect used cooking oil.

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