Rubbish Removal St Ives: Deceased Estate Clean Out Tips

Cleaning out a deceased estate, usually for a parent, grandparent, or other older relative, is a task none of us look forward to yet which, at some point, most of us will have to undertake.

It can be hard enough to declutter your own space; cleaning out a deceased estate can be a thankless, emotional job. Many people hoard a lifetime’s worth of stuff, and family members can feel guilty about throwing away the material things they associate with the loved one who has passed.

Here are some basic tips for working through the job of clearing out a deceased estate…

  • Consider all who have a valid interest in the deceased estate. This includes close family members and those named in the will. Just because, for example, you are the sole surviving child of the person who has passed, doesn’t mean others (for example, the deceased person’s grandchildren) don’t have an interest and some entitlement to keep something that belonged to their loved one.
  • Remove anything from the estate that you or another interested party wants to keep. Remove it from the house so that it doesn’t get misplaced or mixed up with items that will be discarded.
  • Sort through everything, room by room.
    1. What can be sold?
    2. What can be donated to charity?
    3. What can be repurposed?
    4. What can be recycled?
    5. What needs to be dumped?
  • If you are unsure about any items, store these either at your home or in a storage facility until such time as emotions aren’t as raw and you can reassess.
  • Think ahead – and don’t allow clutter in your own home to build up!

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