Rubbish Removals in Auburn – What Happens to General Waste?

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We put our household rubbish in the red lidded bin and it gets collected by the council rubbish removals, Auburn to Watson’s Bay and all over the Sydney Metropolitan Area. Once it’s gone, we never give it another thought. But considering the sheer volume of rubbish every household throws out each week, and how this adds up over a year, have you ever wondered what happens to it all?

General waste is that rubbish which is not sent to recycling. Ideally, it should only be non-recyclable goods; until everyone is environmentally mindful and responsible, this will sadly never be the case.

Garbage trucks, after collecting general waste, in many cases deliver it directly to landfills. Here it is buried under layers of soil. Some kinds of general waste will eventually decompose after many years, but other forms of waste take much longer.

As an example:


Better ways are being implemented to deal with general waste in some regions. For example, some general waste is transported to resource recovery centres and processed through advanced waste treatment systems in an attempt to recover recyclables, generate biogas, and convert organic components to compost, following which the remaining waste is transferred to landfill.

Sydney has a number of landfill facilities, and the best of these are operated to minimise space used and their impact on the community and environment. There is still a problem, as it is estimated that Sydney’s rubbish dumps will be full to capacity in the coming year. Thereafter, rubbish will need to be transported to other landfills.

It is critical that every one of us maximises our recycling and minimises our overall waste.

Call AA Adonis Rubbish Removals in Auburn and elsewhere in Sydney to come to your door and collect all of your non-hazardous rubbish. We will load, sort, and distribute it appropriately on your behalf – doing a small bit for the future of the environment.

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