Where Does Your Sydney Rubbish Go?

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We all know the drill: you put out your bins, the garbage, green waste, and recycling trucks come and take it all away. Or you call Sydney rubbish removal specialists like AA Adonis to come and make it all magically disappear. But have you ever wondered just where it all goes?

Sydney residents generate an enormous amount of waste, and Australia ranks fifth in the OECD for garbage creation. It is so important to dispose of waste thoughtfully.

  • Garden Waste, including grass clippings, branches, and dead flowers are shredded and turned into mulch. Some facilities can even separate food waste which is thrown into the general waste bin to add to mulch – eliminating a large amount of landfill.


  • Paper is baled then bought by a dedicated paper recycler, and is pulped, soaked, and used for recycling. The soaking process removes inks and oils from the paper, which are then used in fertilisers. Contaminated cardboard and tissues can’t be recycled.


  • Aluminium cans are hand sorted or sorted using magnetic tools. The cans are baled and purchased by processors who melt them down to make new cans and other products. Aluminium foil can’t be recycled.


  • Steel cans are processed by having the internal tin coating removed. The steel is then melted down and reused. Like aluminium, steel is one hundred percent recyclable, and it can be used countless times.


  • Glass should always be recycled. It takes over a millennium to break down in landfill. Glass is hand sorted into green, clear and brown; the glass is then cleaned and crushed, melted down, mixed and moulded into new glass products. All glass is totally recyclable, with the exception of mirrors, Pyrex, or other ovenproof treated glass. Forty percent of Australia’s bottles and jars are currently made from recycled glass. Glass is even used as a road base in place of sand.


  • Plastics which are household grade are also recyclable. The plastic is sorted, shredded, washed, and separated into various types. It is then melted into resin, ground to a powder, and remoulded.


  • General waste goes into landfill. AN appalling volume of landfill is created every year. Much of what people put into landfill is, sadly, toxic to the environment. The most commonly discarded items into landfill which should never go there are batteries and light bulbs; these should be taken to dedicated recycling stations.


By enlisting the help of AA Adonis Rubbish Removals to get rid of your unwanted stuff, you’re taking a step to helping dispose of waste thoughtfully. We sort and discard rubbish items carefully and recycle your old stuff wherever possible. Call us today to remove your rubbish in the Sydney area!

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