Rubbish Removal Monterey: Recycle Your Residential Rubbish

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We all benefit from council-operated kerbside rubbish removal in Monterey, as well as elsewhere in southern Sydney. We can also call on rubbish removal specialists like AA Adonis Rubbish Removals to come and clear away extra or large scale rubbish and unwanted goods.

But it’s important to understand how you can minimise waste at home and recycle your residential rubbish. The rubbish that is generated from homes (bottles, food packaging, cans, disposable goods, food scraps, and other items) must be handled properly – it is the responsibility of each of us to do so.

 Reduce your Waste:

  • Avoid goods with excessive packaging
  • Chose to shop for local goods
  • Fruits and vegetables with peelable skin do not need extra packaging!
  • Invest in reusable, durable products instead of disposable goods
  • Borrow where possible
  • Hand down when possible
  • Use washable lunchboxes rather than wrap
  • Use reusable shopping bags


  • Sort and recycle as much as possible
  • Recycle all glass except ceramics, tempered glass, mirrors, window panes and fireproof glass
  • Light globes need to be recycled separately
  • Recycle all paper except grease paper, use paper tissues, stickers, carbon paper, wallpaper, and embellished wrapping paper
  • Green waste including grass clippings, vegetable and fruit leftovers, leaves and egg shells should be composted.

Other Waste:

  • Hazardous waste must be disposed of separately from household rubbish and recycling bins. This includes fluorescent lamps, batteries, varnish, paint, cosmetics, medicines, used oil, and detergents.
  • Asbestos needs specialist handling
  • Electrical goods and electronics are recyclable at special facilities

For all recycling and rubbish removal in Monterey, call on AA Adonis Rubbish Removals. We sort, load, and appropriately dispose of all of your non-hazardous unwanted goods (we don’t handle asbestos and certain other materials – ask when you call if you need to know how to dispose of these).

We are easy to contact – so for a booking or quote, don’t delay: call Andrew today on 0418 671 297.

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